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We are a full-service PR firm based in Berlin, offering effective and affordable media and public relations services tailored to your needs. Our expertise spans tech PR, crypto PR, and success-based PR, making us a trusted Crypto PR agency for your specialized requirements.

Outstanding Crypto PR Agency

We specialize in crafting cutting-edge PR solutions for startups worldwide. Our mission is to influence and reshape the perception of your brand, establishing us as the go-to Tech PR agency, as well as Web3 (blockchain and cryptocurrencies), retail, finance, B2B, fashion, and lifestyle. As a top-rated web3 marketing agency headquartered in Berlin, Europe, we offer unparalleled services to help your company achieve online visibility and establish dominance. With a dedicated team of professionals, we strive to redefine how customers perceive your brand. Drawing on our passion and prowess as a top Crypto Marketing Agency, we provide effortless, cost-effective, and results-driven access to media.

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Our Web3 Solutions

Our professionals work closely with you to craft and effectively convey your brand’s story to your target audience. Firstly, we create a compelling angle to tell your unique story. Then, leveraging our extensive network, we pitch your story to handpicked writers who perfectly fit your brand. Additionally, we collaborate with skilled content writers to select the most suitable media outlets to capture your audience’s attention. Notably, our tech PR and crypto marketing experience positions your organization as the industry leader. We have a track record of being a top crypto and tech PR Agency in Berlin, Europe.

Our Vision

Cut through the noise, reach the right audience, at the right time, on the right channel with the right message.

Steps to Success

  • Strategy

    Understand your target audience, set goals, choose the right platform, and develop a message.

  • Monitoring

    Analyze media impressions and web traffic, and continuously seek improvements.

  • Implementation

    Distribute and upload your story using SEO.


Our company’s mission is to assist our customers in becoming recognized names in their fields by increasing their exposure and visibility. To do this, we provide various services, starting with strategy creation and content creation for marketing purposes. We assist our clients in attaining more leads and traffic via strategic media placement. We know the best places to advertise to increase awareness of your business and strengthen your position as an authority in your industry.

Our Services

Public Relation


Media Placements

Media Placements

Tech PR

Success-Based PR

Success-Based PR

Web3 PR

Web3 PR

Content Marketing

The Power of PR

We are living in a world full of display ads, sponsored content and promotional emails. It has never been harder to effectively reach a consumer. The constant exposure to aggressive marketing campaigns has made us blind to most of these strategies. However, one thing will never change: people love stories. PR helps cut through the noise by delivering messages that resonate with client.

Our Clients & Partners


CTRL-PR has helped run PR campaigns for several of our clients. They have good relations with the media, are very reliable and work highly efficiently.

Simon Moser Director at PolyGrowth

We've worked for nearly two years now, and they've helped me get me and my clients into several top publications, including Entrepreneur, Forbes and more.

Jonathan Maxim ‍Managing Director K&J Growth

I have worked with CTRL-PR on numerous high-profile projects in different sectors. They have excellent communication and public relations skills and are working highly efficient.

Natasha Ikonnikova Managing Director Vinci EU & USA

CTRL-PR has been a great partner to LaunchTeam over the past two years. Their reliability and professionalism is second to none in this space and we consider them to be one of our closest partners.

Jared Polites Partner at LaunchTeam

Our firm has relationship with CTRL-PR for public relations business for several years now, and they have proven good work.

Eimantas Juska International Sales, Stankevicius MGM

CTRL-PR remains a reliable partner assuring competitive rates plus fast and efficient execution. Supported many launch campaigns successfully. Best service provider we've encountered for PR campaigns.

Malte Christensen CEO of DAO Labs

I have worked with CTRL-PR on numerous high-profile projects in different sectors. They have excellent communication and public relations skills and are working highly efficient.

Laura K. Inamedinova Founder of LKI Consulting

What Is Our Pricing Strategy?

In terms of pricing, we are sure to do more with less, while delivering higher consistency and quality.  This means we are very flexible in terms of pricing and can adapt to your business’ needs and budgets. For more information on what we do and our prices, contact us today, and we are happy to discuss pricing with you!

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